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Celebrating 25 years

Published 2024/04/25

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25 years of leading machines, launching in 2024

25 years of leading machines

Launching in 2024


25 years of innovations

FASTN is the first universal & active anchorage for MEWPs.

For you and for us, safety is a priority. Improving safety and saving lives on the worksite is a major challenge requiring daily attention.
The new FASTN system allows construction companies to increase MEWP operator safety by detecting whether a harness is correctly attached to the platform.
The benefits of this system are:
  • Harness detection via a visual and audible alarm
  • Wake up function after 30 sec of inactivity
  • Anti-Bypass function that only allow approved carabiner attachment
  • Alerts for potential operator fall.
  • Provide valuable data for safety management.
The FASTN system has been nominated for Best New Product Access at Hire Industry Excellence Awards.

25 years of customer service

MyHaulotte is single-entry point for all services, from fleet inventory to spare parts orders, maintenance requests and technical library. All machine information can be found in one location including any safety or repair improvements.

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The SHERPAL* telematics solution allows remote diagnosis of machines. It considerably reduces downtime by providing access to fault codes and recommending actions. The telematics data is very useful for tracking machine operations and planning service needs.

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Technical documentation

ETI LITE, a technical search engine. By scanning the QR code located on the machines, you can access the documentation from the worksite showing start-up, use, maintenance and repair instructions of Haulotte equipment.
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Extended warranty

Warranties for EWP machines can be extended to cover a period of up to 5 years and covers labour, travel expenses and original parts. It can be combined with service contracts to manage the maintenance of your equipment.
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The Haulotte academy online learning platform now offers an intuitive, interactive learning program. Each training module is self-paced and if learners need to refresh a topic the system adapts the content to ensure the information is clear and retained. This coaching style of training is being applied to machine familiarisation, technical and maintenance training. We now have seven qualified trainers to deliver high quality and knowledgeable information across the country.
Haulotte academy


25 years of Haulotte

In 1999 the first outpost of Pinguely-Haulotte outside Europe was established in a small factory in Dandenong South with a limited range of products and just three employees.
In that 25 years, Haulotte started focusing on R&D and developing the best machine and features for around the world. By listening to our customers, we have developed leading EWP equipment designed with the Australian market in mind.

ISO Certified 9001/14001/45001

Global solutions provider

Sustainability focussed

Experience maker