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Diesel Articulating Booms

Extremely flexible, articulating booms feature a boom arm with a pivot point giving them the ability to extend over obstacles to reach the most challenging work areas. They can also operate in a smaller space than telescopic booms. Diesel articulating booms operate on the roughest terrain thanks to their exceptional all-terrain capabilities, they have a working height ranging from 16 to 41.5 meters, the articulating booms take you where you want for maintenance work, installation, pruning.... With proportional and simultaneous movements, they provide a high level of comfort and safety.
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A diesel articulated boom lift combining performance and precision

Perfectly suited for outdoor use, the diesel articulated boom lift will skillfully work around many obstacles due to it its large outreach. Easy to use, it can lift 2 people from 16 to 41 meters in its modular basket. The diesel articulated boom lifts are very easy to manoeuvrer and their excellent turning radius ensures that work can be carried out in complete safety.

Haulotte, a world leader in the manufacture of lifting platforms

Haulotte designs and assembles diesel articulated boom lifts for lifting people from 16 to 41 meters to carry out structural work, second finishing work, landscaping, industrial maintenance, building restoration, etc. Designed to meet your requirements whatever your environment and daily constraints, articulated lifting platforms are agile, robust, reliable, and very easy to use. They offer a performance powerhouse and are ideal for working on your tasks at height effectively, productively, and in complete safety!

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