Customer Testimonials





I find dealing with Haulotte excellent.
The people are wonderful, extremely helpful and have contributed to the growth of my business with superior products.

Peter Gilmore · Want Access







That’s the beauty about Haulotte, is you guys listen.
You’re almost ahead of the game in the sense that you listen to when we ask or we suggest, that this is the way that the market seems to be trending.
You guys are evolving, with the safety features on board, pretty much standard now, with your Haulotte Activ’Lighting System, Haulotte Activ’Shield, and also your Haulotte Activ’Screen, you guys are listening.

Andrew MacDonald - United Forklifts and  Access Equipment






Very good, I have dealt with Haulotte for a long time now, about 13 years and have seen a lot of changes.
You guys have grown hugely, fantastic company to work with.

Jason McAllister · LiftX




Haulotte have been fantastic, when I first bought this business, I hadn’t dealt or heard much about Haulotte and we inherited a lot of Haulotte machines.
I don’t love them but I’ve certainly learnt to like them.
The support from sales, tech support, the worshop, or spare parts, have all treated Danny and I better than we could ever expect or want.
So we really enjoy working with Haulotte.

Phillip Dickenson · Direct Access