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Diesel Scissor Lifts

With their large platforms, scissor lifts have the highest load capacity of all types of work platforms. Up to 4 workers can be lifted to complete the most demanding jobs.The standard platform extensions provide even more workspace and extra reach. With a straight, vertical elevation, they are really simple to use. The high gradeability and tilt capacity of diesel scissors enable work on the most challenging terrains with outriggers to provide maximum stability. Compact for narrow access, Diesel All Terrain for Outdoor applications, the platform capacity of the Scissor lift ranges from 450 to 700 kg and a wide range of platform heights from 10 to 18 meters,


Compact 10 DX

Capacity of lifting max : 565
Working height : 10
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Compact 12 DX

Capacity of lifting max : 450
Working height : 12
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H12 SX

Capacity of lifting max : 700
Working height : 12
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Capacity of lifting max : 500
Working height : 18
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Haulotte’s most efficient scissor lift

Haulotte diesel scissor lifts range from a working height of can rise from 10 to 12 meters in height and have a lifting capacity of 450 kg to 565 kg. They are used on construction or second finishing sites. Highly manoeuvrable and suitable for all types of terrain, diesel scissor lifts are robust platforms with excellent traction that can access hard-to-reach places using their narrow turning radius.

Haulotte: a specialist in manufacturing boom lifts

Ideal for lifting up to 3 people at a time for construction or maintenance work, the diesel scissor lifting platforms designed by Haulotte are the ideal platforms for safely enhancing team productivity. Thanks to their remarkable all-terrain ability, Haulotte scissor lifts can tackle any type of terrain and environment.

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