Trailer mounted boom - The king of versatility

  • Trailer mounted boom is ideal for arbor industry
  • Towable by 4WD which means no commercial driver’s licence is needed
  • Ability to replace the basket with material lifting attachment ideal for lifting of heavy items on-site


With hydraulic outriggers and automatic levelling, the Haulotte trailer-mounted, articulated towable boom can be set up and in operation in less than 30 seconds.

The compact and lightweight booms can be towed by most standard 4WDs, which means no commercial driver’s licence or dedicated vehicle is required to transport to the job site.

Ideally suited to the arbor industry, the booms feature a special lifting attachment that can be fitted in place of the basket and is capable of lifting large stumps and or branches from site. 

According to Haulotte Australia’s General Manager Keith Clarke the trailer mounted booms lifting attachment turns the boom into a crane, providing added versatility for arborists and making it easy to clean up on site, all with the one machine.

“These trailer mounted booms are 100% electric, very robust and durable, but still light enough to be towed by your typical work vehicle,” Mr Clarke said.

“It has some outstanding features that make it a great option for many work sites and its simple operation and quick set up makes it ideal for those jobs where you need to get in

and get the job done quickly. Plus being 100% electric with zero emissions means it is eco-friendly as well.”

In Australia the Haulotte range of trailer booms come standard with an on-board generator which will allow operators to recharge the electric battery on site, effectively doubling productivity.

“If operators don’t have access to power on site, the on-board generator will trickle charge the battery and recharge the machine so you can keep on working,” Mr Clarke said.

Featuring a variety of working heights from 12.73m to 21.64m and a lift capacity of 227kg, the booms have a horizontal outreach of up to 13.1m which provides greater versatility to access restricted areas.


“Built in hydraulic outriggers stabilise the boom and include a smart automatic platform levelling function for optimal performance.

Strong and robust, the entire Haulotte range of trailer mounted towable booms is made in the USA, which is renowned for their years of expertise. In addition, the booms also offers drive and set functionality.

“Once the trailer is disconnected from the tow bar and the jockey wheel set down, the boom has an on-wheel drive system which allows the machine to be driven around on site on even surfaces, from the basket, and positioned where required.


This article first appeared in The Australian Arbor Age - August/September 2017 edition.