STAR 6 Crawler positively received in Australia

Severall units of STAR 6 Crawler have been delivered to United Equipment. The rental company has been immediately impressed by its excellent terrain capabilities and versatility. The latest Haulotte vertical mast is a hit in Australia, more deliveries are planned in the coming weeks. 

STAR 6 Crawler vertical mast is popular among Australia

star6c.jpgThe STAR 6 Crawler was first unveiled as a prototype vehicle with Australian customers receiving a special exclusive preview at HIRE18. It was so popular as an idea that several hire companies placed orders on the spot. Originally developed for the Japanese market, Keith Clarke, General Manager of Haulotte Australia quickly saw the potential for the STAR 6 Crawler’s application in Australia :

«When we first saw the prototype in Europe, we couldn’t wait to bring our customers here to see this little work horse. It’s the perfect addition to any fleet because it can go anywhere, through anything»


First to jump on board with this STAR 6 Crawler was United Forklift and Access Solutions. Trent Osborne from United explains what made them so interested in the vertical lift to order it before production had even started.  

«It is a great compact all-rounder and has been well thought out in its design. The non-marking tread make it perfect for indoor, it can be lifted lengthwise during transport phases thanks to dedicated forklift pockets. We are really happy to have it here, ready for use»

says Trent from United.

<< Deliveries are accelerating in Australia

united_richards.jpgVersatility is certainly a key aspect of this machine with its excellent terrain capabilities, providing the operator easy access to all jobsites, inside or out. With its zero turning radius, operators can maneuver in the most confined spaces. The crawling system not only enables the mast to go over the roughest terrains, but also significantly reduces the ground pressure, which is essential for driving on sensitive floors. Outdoors, the STAR 6 Crawler can get over unstable, wet or uneven grounds, cross slopes up to 25% and traverse through 15 cm of water. The new vertical mast offers smooth and proportional movements for an unmatched precision and safety. It features 200 kg load capacity and space for two people in the basket thanks to the platform extension being standard. 

Pat Richards from United in NSW with a brand-new STAR 6 Crawler >>

«This machine can follow the job from the start, as the site is being prepared, all the way to finishing on newly installed floors»

adds Keith.


star_6_crawler_5.jpg  star_6_crawler_13.jpg

Versatile, the STAR 6 Crawler vertical mast can operate both indoor and outdoor

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