Secure your assets

Looking for a way to secure your assets and manage your annual servicing spend? An extended warranty could be the answer. Warranties for EWP machines can be extended to cover a period of up to 5 years and covers labour, travel expenses and original parts. It can be combined with service contracts to manage the maintenance of your equipment each year according to the maintenance requirements from the manufacturer. Extended Warranties offer significant benefits to the owner explains Evan Goulis Operations Manager at Haulotte Australia.

“We tailor our warranty and service contracts to each individual customer and their needs”. “They offer peace of mind for up to 5 years of the machine operation” said Evan.

Offering extended warranties is often a sign from an OEM that you can trust they have confidence in the products they sell. This was the sentiment offered by Paul Cannan from All Access in Queensland.

“I was impressed that an OEM would offer extended warranty. That speaks volumes about Haulotte that they are willing to back their product for 5 years” said Paul.

Fixed Costs vs unknown costs

When purchasing a major asset it’s owners calculate the total cost of ownership of the machine, not just the capital expense. Costs such as servicing, breakdowns and running costs, should be considered over the life of the machine. That is where an extended warranty can offer significant cost savings. Purchased with the machine, the costs are fixed for the period of the warranty. Variable costs such as fuel, labour, shipping etc are locked in with some levels of the warranty contract. This makes budgeting significantly easier as there is no need to estimate what potential breakdowns and services could cost. All Access considered these costs when deciding to add an extended warranty to their machines.

“With our extended warranty we can calculate the cost of ownership of each machine because the extra warranty is a fixed cost. When you aren’t covered by warranty you must keep a slush fund and you could get an unplanned $15,000+ expense without notice”, adds Paul Cannan.extended_warranty.png

Proactive servicing

When combined with a service contract the OEM can then offer proactive servicing which keeps your machine updated with any software requirements and machine updates. The OEM has factory trained technicians that know aerial work platforms inside and out! They regularly update their knowledge and experience to repair and maintain the machines according to manufacturer specifications.
Using the manufacturers’ recommendations and various R&D files at their disposal, they evaluate the condition of the platforms with absolute precision. With planned servicing and experienced technicians machine downtime is dramatically reduced.

“Our service facilities and team are currently in a period of expansion because of the trust our customers have shown in servicing their machines. In Dandenong our service team have just expanded to allow for more machines and across the country we are putting on more technicians to meet the needs of our customers” adds Evan from Haulotte.

The other advantage of an extended warranty from the manufacturer is that you can add time to the warranty as needed.

“The standard machine warranty runs for 2 years, but we can create custom warranty packages to see out the calendar year, or anywhere up to 5 years total” adds Evan.


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