QR codes for machine information

All Haulotte machines are now fitted with a QR code located beside the lower control box for easy access. This code will directly link users to technical information relevant to that machine. Information available includes:

  • Operators manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Spare part manual

Additionally for some machines there is additional information:

  • Familiarization leaflet
  • Familiarization video

This technical information is accessible to anyone that scans the code using their camera or a QR code reader, without the need for logging in. By having access to the manuals directly from the machine can save operators and technicians time when learning to use an EWP or looking into a warning or a fault code.

“Having information accessible and easy to find is essential for users to feel they have confidence in using the machine. The more information you have the safer you can be when operating these heavy machines” said Brad Kennaugh Haulotte Australia technical expert.

This new system replaces the old QR codes that were linked to the Appranet app for AU users. More technical information specific to machines, safety or operation details can still be found on MyHaulotte. If you are looking for risk assessments they are now available for download from the Haulotte website under the service tab.


Alternatively the famililarisation videos can be found on the Haulotte youtube playlist

These videos can act as a guide for getting to know the Haulotte machine for operators before they commence working at height. they provide a great introduction to the machine features, the controls and the activscreen management.