PULSEO Generation HA20 LE launches in Australia

In February the first in Haulotte’s new PULSEO Generation the HA20 LE was officially launched to a select number of customers at Sandown racecourse in Melbourne.

Thanks to its all electric motor, the HA20 LE was driven out silently to wow the crowd that had gathered to attend the launch. Following a brief overview of the main features of the machine, the audience then had the chance to talk to technical experts about the functionality of the new electric boom and have a look under the hood.


Customer feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive. Through the day, several customers noted that electric vehicles is definitely the emerging trend in the industry.


“It’s a sign of the times, it’s the direction the industry is heading. In time that’s all we will see is electric vehicles.” We have customers asking for electric machines,” said Andrew McDonald, United Forklift and Access Solutions.


“It’s a very excellent machine, the way of the future. We will see the decline of diesel. The HA20 LE can do anything the diesel can do, but better”, said Peter Gilmore, Want Access.


“This is the way the industry is going, everyone is now more conscious about the environment, I think they will be pretty excited about it”, said Jason McAllister, LiftX.


“There’s always a need for electric, I like the fact the drive motor and the proactive system around it and the battery system. I am very interested to see the 4WD capabilities” said Phillip Dickenson, Direct Access and Equipment.


Following a light lunch the group then got a rare opportunity to see the boom’s 4WD capabilities in action with a demonstration over rough terrain. Attendees were then given a chance to test the 4WD capabilities for themselves.

Speaking at the event Haulotte General Manager Keith Clarke describes the benefits of the machine.

ha20le launch

“It was important that the machine drive in unnoticed, because it is electric, it doesn’t make a noise when running, but it can do anything a conventional diesel can do. That’s why we also wanted to show the 4WD capabilities, it can operate in the mud of a worksite and also inside in areas like airports or quiet areas like public parks, it can go anywhere”, said Keith Clarke.


The HA20 LE is now available for purchase but be warned its local and worldwide popularity will see it in high demand.


“We have already sold all of our 2019 production planned models, but we are looking at ways to get more machines ready to meet the overwhelming demand” adds Keith.