Intermat Recap


During April one of the largest shows relating to construction and infrastructure INTERMAT was held in France with a focus on the future and innovation.

For Haulotte there was no better way to launch our new motto “Let’s dare together”. Our world is moving fast and the energy is becoming a key factor of development, therefore Haulotte will step by step discontinue the entire diesel or gasoline propelled machines to shift to e-driven equipment, so called blue. We will reduce our carbon footprint, lower or even cancel the CO² emissions such as the noise pollution. As a proof of our conviction, we will give 5 years warranty on the 'blue' equipment starting with the Pulseo generation that was launched during INTERMAT.

Australian customers that attended were blown away by the new machines that were on display including the prototype Star6 Crawler all terrain lift and new push around masts. It was a great opportunity to provide feedback to global Haulotte R&D, service and parts departments about the specific requirements for Australia regarding testing, features and safety requirements.

Haulotte’s focus is to provide added value throughout the market, all along the chain of use. So for the first time, Haulotte gathered all sales personnel from around the world in one training session to update them on the new electric technology like batteries and provide digital tools to help customers learn more about the Haulotte range.