Haulotte services NZ completes first 10 year service



Haulotte’s newly established team in New Zealand has just completed the 10 year service of a STAR 10 vertical mast and an HA15 electric knuckle boom. The new facility is located in Te Rapa and is capable of completing a full 10 year major inspection, scheduled maintenance and any service and repairs that are required. All major elevation equipment brands can be serviced at the facility.

We can also provide our 2nd life program to update any Haulotte machine with modernised operation and functionality; for example; the latest safety systems with crush protection for booms.

In accordance with the EWPA Code of Practice for Power-Operated Elevating Work Platforms 6.4.5 of AS 2550.10, for Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) Haulotte conducts 10 year services by a CBIP certified inspector. The thorough examination should include the disassembly and removal of paint, grease, corrosion from critical components to allow a complete and thorough inspection, the detailed visual inspection and tolerance checking of all wear components, and non-destructive testing of all critical areas for evidence of cracking, fatigue and excessive stress.

At Haulotte we are dedicated to providing the refurbishments to ensure your machine not only complies with all these standards but is also as safe as possible for ongoing use. Our process involves fully dismantling, inspecting and replacing all critical components. Various tests are completed to ensure structural integrity and all components are fully operational. The machine is then cleaned and painted, to customer requirements and major inspection compliance plate fitted.


Pictured: once service is completed the machines are painted and re-labelled

In addition to the NZ facility, Haulotte can now complete all service and maintenance requirements across Australia including, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and our major service facility in Dandenong, Melbourne.

If you have a machine that is nearing its 10 year mark, please contact Haulotte on +61 8710 1000 for a quote or to book your machine in.