Haulotte Lends Support To Long Awaited Sequel Of Sci-fi Movie, Pacific Rim





HTL at the Cronulla Beach in Sydney were used to support creative elements throughout filiming, including carrying huge black reflectors meant for shading light


Teaming For Success

Enabling exciting opportunities for its products and creating long-term value for society and its shareholders are an integral part of Haulotte’s success. In its most unique product applications in recent history, Haulotte has officially unveil how the brand’s well-known HTL range of telehandlers are being used by the production team of sci-fi movie, Pacific Rim 2 (also officially known as Pacific Rim: Maelstrom) on its social media pages.


Scheduled to hit theatres in February 2018, Haulotte’s HTL range of telehandlers have proven themselves to be more than just traditional equipments meant for con sites in the movie’s filming process. Although not uncommon for telehandlers to be used for filming purposes, the brand’s team-up with Pacific Rim’s production team is set to reinvigorate product applications beyond their usual uses as well as provide a multi-sensorial user experience.


What makes Haulotte’s HTL Range so fascinating?

Featuring precision-engineered mechanisms, each of Haulotte’s HTL range of telehandlers is a fascinating masterpiece, exquisitely designed and torture-tested in heavy duty environments by the design and development team to ensure maximum reliability.


8 Great Features You Should Know About Haulotte’s HTL Telehandler Range

Great functionality along with full control. No other telehandler manufacturer gives you so much control over your equipment. For the smoothest operating experience, the HTL series has a great range of exclusive features specially created to enhance everyday operator use. With Haulotte’s innovation-driven team keeping tight scrutiny in every stage from design to production, pleasant operating experience is almost always guaranteed.  


  1. Time-Honoured Versatility & Design Performace

Versatility has always been a hallmark of Haulotte’s telehandler series, and its HTL range continues that proud heritage with highly functional features that are as outstanding as its design. From design planning and installation process, to performance and durability testing, Haulotte’s HTL range follows the tradition of meticulous craftsmanship, delivering a new level of powerful functionality. Not only do they abide by the strictest quality and industry standards, they are also complementary with a wide range of industries.


  1. Transform & Integrate

Build new user experience when you explore new uses for your telehandler and integrating it in any space and industry.


  1. More flexibility. More customization. More sizes.

Sometimes, having the best components is not good enough. When working at the job site, it’s vital to have a tailored mix of superior components and cleverly designed features. The HTL range lets you personalize your telehandler easily at one go. Simply select from a wide variety of machines sizes and then customize each one with options that are most important to you. With more than 30 types of options to choose from, meeting the needs of all operations is a breeze.

The HTL range offers 3 brilliant categories of telehandlers for its users – COMPACT for tight job sites, HIGH LIFT for handling tasks faster from greater heights, and HEAVY LOAD CAPACITY for those who wish to do more at one go.


  1. Keep Up With Tasks Efficiently

Powerful and robust, the HTL range comes with several distinct high performance functions such as easy navigation system, high strength monoblock chassis and rough terrain capacities among many others.

The HTL range comes with 3 DRIVING MODES for excellent manoeuvrability in any environment – the 2 WS for when driving on the road, 4 WS for best manoeuvrability in confined spaces, and CRABE STEER for those sideways movement and precise positioning before lifting.


  1. User-friendly Is The New Fast

Enjoy the most user-friendly built-in tools in one machine with the HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION that combines optimal torque, power and speed. The telehandler series also offers user-friendliness in the form of an INCHING PEDAL for smooth and easy driving when approaching a building or structure.


  1. Comfort And Ergonomics

Haulotte organizes what is deem most important to operators of its telehandlers in the form of ergonomic features. Not only are all controls specifically positioned to be easily accessible according to their frequency of use, it also offers a variety of useful assistance like the 4 IN 1 SMART CONTROL JOYSTICK, ELECTRONIC AND BACKLIT DASHBOARD and LOAD MOMENT INDICATOR (LMI) that helps you make the most of your day.


  1. Advanced Safety Features

Haulotte offers no compromise when it comes to ensuring safety. This is particularly evidence in its telehandlers which are designed for the toughest environment. Not only does these telehandlers come with a SMART TILT CORRECTOR which compensates for all ground hazards, they also feature “FLOW SHARING”, a smart management system of the hydraulic flows which enables proportional control. Machine movements are automatically cut-off when dangerous movements are detected. Need to reach higher and faster with a heavier load? It also offers a REAL AXLE LOCKING SYSTEM which ensures stability in all circumstances.

Available safety features: Rear camera, LED lights on the boom / rear LED lights, Warning triangle, Reflective safety jacket, Break glass hammer, Lateral reflectors and Speed limitation.



The electronic dashboard gives the user continuous information about the functioning of the HTL, including maintenance intervals. The diagnostics system also gives quick information about the situation. For easy access, simply reach below the dashboard for the diagnostics plug.



Built to snap tasks into place immediately, all telehandlers in the HTL range are equipped with the following standard equipment.

  • Backlighted electronic dashboard
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 4 wheel drive and steer
  • Simultaneous and proportional controls for boom / telescopic arm / excavation and accessories movements
  • Safety valves on hydraulic jacks
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system
  • Cut-off of dangerous movements when overloaded
  • Tilt corrector: ±10°
  • ROPS/FOPS cabin with heating and ventilation
  • Hydraulic rear axle locking


For full list of attachments and optional components, please contact us during office hours  or email us at sales@haulotte.com.